Distillerís Log - Winter 2017

Winter has settled in.  Fall fruits are either distilled and resting in storage, or fermenting in the stainless tanks.  The still’s slow hiss and fragrant steam makes the distillery a cozy place to be when the harsh winds blow.

What’s new for Westford Hill Distillers?  We’re excited to be close to releasing our Westford Gin, which should be in stores for the spring.  You’ll love its unique, locally inspired packaging and fresh, bright taste.  Watch for more details soon.

We are also proud to be part of the Connecticut Spirits Trail.  We hope by late spring visitors can make our beautiful corner of the world a regular stop to learn about true local craft distillation.

We continue to receive attention for our New World Aged Apple Brandy.  As more people, wooed to brown spirits like bourbon and scotch, discover the delicate complexities of America’s first spirit we gain more Apple Brandy converts.  This release is aged 14 years in full-sized French oak barrels.  Come on—how do you do any better than that in the craft spirits world?  Chris Carlsson featured us in this article in Farm Distiller on eastern U.S. apple spirits.

As one year dissolves into another, we celebrate a year of growth and change.  We’re also proud to have supported many fine causes hosting private events and donating product.  We’re pleased to support the fine work of the Connecticut Farmland Trust, The Juvenile Diabetes Association, Connecticut Landmarks and the Nathan Hale Homestead, Windham Hospital, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Connecticut Agricultural Education Foundation and many more.  When you’re a local company, you’re responsible to honor the best of your community!

Happy New Year!

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